General game rules and some information about naming conventions for holdings and companies.

Preambel AirlineSim is an aviation related, strategic online business simulation to entertain and play with other real life player. Each player is doing this in his spare time to be entertained and to battle with other players in a fair and friendly competition. Important part is the interaction with other players.

Each player is respecting different cultures and religions and has to respect other players as well. Therefor each player is comitted to interact friendly and contratuctive with all other players. Insults, revilements, threats and other rights violation against other players, religions or countries are forbidden - independent of real existing or internal game issues. That's valid for ingame-messages as well as forums etc.

Players not behaving like this or breaking this or following rules, may be punished by the game administration with game-internal fees up to temporal blockade or even complete elimination within the game.

General Rules

  • Multiple Holdings: Although players may control more than one holding, cooperation between them is expressly forbidden. This particularly concerns stock market deals (including IPOs), providing services (renting out terminal space, for example), and buying, storing and selling aircraft. Holdings found to be in breach of these rules will be deleted.
  • Cheating and bug abuse: In case of bugs or cheating opportunities the user must inform the AirlineSim-team via e-mail ( Accounts found to have taken advantage of bugs or cheats will be deleted.
  • Resource Blocking: Resources (airport landing slots, used aircraft, etc) in the game are, ultimately, limited. Therefore, making use of them for no other reason than to deny their use to another player is expressly forbidden. This particularly concerns blocking off airport slots with dummy aircraft not eqipped with crew or seats, or timetabled in such a way as to ensure cancellations will occur. Please note that purchasing or leasing aircraft with the intention of transferring them between holdings controlled by a single player, by deleting the first holding further down the line, is, similarly, forbidden. Sales or leases within holdings you control, however, are allowed. Very short connecting flights are accepteable if they constitute a realistic service (for example, flights between nearby islands).
  • Definition of 'Cheating': All user transactions which provide a single company, holding or account with more credits or in-game economic advantages than they would ordinarily have, through the use of real money or the game's internal resources or functions.
  • IP Sharing: Cooperation between two accounts which share a single IP is expressly forbidden if one of the accounts or its holdings will thereby gain an economic advantage.
  • Dumping is forbidden. The ticket prices have to be at least the same like direct cost. Direct cost are: Handling (Passenger and Freight Ground Handling), Catering and related jet fuel, aircraft handling, ATC charges and landing fee.
  • Every holiday replacement has to be announced at the airlinesim board under specification of both usernames (player and replacement), server, dates of start and end. The maximum duration/time frame of a holiday replacement cannot exceed 28 days. After a holiday replacement, it is not allowed to announce a new replacement within 28 days. During a holiday replacement, it will not be allowed to trade shares and planes between the replacement player's account and the account(s) he/she is taking care of.
  • New rule valid as of April 5th, 2012: Flights between airport of the same city/metropol area are forbidden. This is not valid on the Devau Game-World as ground traffic is deactivated on this game world. The following intra-city connections are forbidden:
Bangkok: BKK/DMK
Dubai: DXB/DWC
Osaka: KIX/ITM
Seoul: ICN/GMP
Shanghai: SHA/PVG
Taipeh: TPE/TSA
Tehran: THR/IKA
Tokyo: NRT/HND
Berlin: THF/TXL/SXF (/BER)
Milan: MXP/LIN
Stockholm: ARN/NYO/BMA
North America
Chicago: ORD/MDW
Dallas: DFW/DAL
Houston: IAH/HOU
Montreal: YUL/YMX
Toronto: YYZ/YTZ
Washington: IAD/DCA/BWI
South America
Buenos Aires: AEP/EZE
Rio de Janeiro: GIG/SDU
Sao Paulo: GRU/CGH

Approval rules for logos, holdings and companies

Naming conventions for holdings and companies

Holding or company names may be rejected for the following reasons:

  • The name is a registered or somehow other protected name or brand within the aviation sector (i.e. US Airways)
  • Obvious 'joke' takes on registered or protected names (i.e. Boring)
  • Names similar to those in use by existing companies or registered brands (i.e. Hamburg International is a real airline, „Hamburg Intl.“ will be rejected – unless the name consists of words which are in regular use (particularly geographical terms) and the name is combined with other words, like “Air Northern France” or “Indian International Airlines”)
  • Names without any link to aviation sector (i.e. "Radio")
  • Names of states, countries or cities (i.e. “State of Texas”)
  • Syntax & spelling mistakes (i.e. My Pesronal Airlinename)
  • Mixed languages (i.e. United Estados Airlines) – unless the mixture consists of the local language combined with „Air“, „Airlines“, „Airways“ or similar, which is acceptable. (i.e. Frankoforte Airlines)
  • Missing Spaces (NorthHamburg Airways)
  • Use of a language other than either English or the local language in use at the company's hub airport - an airline with a Greek name, for example, would be allowed in Athens but not in Cairo.
  • Legal Form is only allowed within holding names
  • Names which may be forbidden for legal or cultural reasons (for example, names with sexual or terrorist implications)
  • Abbreviations are allowed in airline names for reasons including airport codes or the initials of the user. (i.e. „JFK Jetways“). Abbreviations in general phrases like „Comp.“ or „Intl.“. are forbidden. Compound abbreviations, such as like “StdAirlComp” as opposed to “Standard Airline Company” are, similarly, forbidden. Abbreviations as singlestanding airlinenames are also forbidden like "ABC".
  • Deterministic composite names (i.e. “GermanInternationalOutOfFrankfurtOnlyToSouthernIta lyAirlines”) are not allowed; however, “PDXpress”, for example, is acceptable as it is non-deterministic.
  • No Domain-Names (i.e. "")

These naming conventions are subject to continuous updates. Please be proactive in using search engines to avoid rejections caused by conflicts with registered names or brands.

Logos may be rejected for the following reasons:

  • Frayed or grainy fonts
  • Unreadable fonts
  • Presence of registered or copyrighted material
  • Presence of content which has nothing in common with the airline (except abbreviations)
  • Domain names in the logo