You have evaluated your first aircraft model and chose one, so it is about time to get one. On the aircraft detail page of the aircraft model you want, you'll find the option to order a new aircraft (if it is still in production) or select a used aircraft offered for leasing or purchase in the list below.

If you want to order new aircraft(s), please enter amount. On the following page you'll find various options for paying the aircraft. You can lease the aircraft(s), purchase it/ them at once or choose a loan purchase (with less Interest). Please note that purchasing more then one aircraft will result in ongoing delivery dates. The aircraft will be delivered one after the other. The production time varies and is displayed on the aircraft detail page.

If you want to get an used aircraft, click on "view contract" at a specific offer. On the next page you can see some further information and the terms of the contract. You can sign the contract there and the aircraft is "yours". The list of used aircraft has three column with the codes:

  • AS: Aircraft for sale/lease by an official AirlineSim trade group. This is a public trader - you can be sure he does not cancel the contract as long as you are paying the fees.
  • SL: Seller/lessor signature - if you sign the contract, the deal is made and the aircraft will be directly under your control.
  • CS: Buyer/lessee signature - if SL is a red cross, the seller/ lessor did not signed the contracts yet, but there maybe a potential buyer/lessee have signed it and is waiting for the signature of the seller/ lessor.